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Crytek’s ‘Codename: Sky Harbor’ VR: The Visual Treat

  • Launched as part of Basemark’s VRScore benchmarking software, the Crytek developed VR tech demo Codename: Sky Harbor, is one of the most visually impressive examples of VR cinema around.

  • Direct from our time with Basemark’s promising virtual reality benchmarking suite, VRScore, here’s a full play-through of the included Crytek developed demo Codename: Sky Harbor, a sci-fi fantasy mini-epic that demonstrates what high production values and a keen sense of design can bring to an immersive experience. The VR short film puts you in the body of a lowly maintenance droid as he’s flown through the chaos of a hectic sky battle, before crash landing, becoming trapped – witnessing a series of impressive set pieces before he’s freed.

Source Article: http://www.roadtovr.com/watch-cryteks-codename-sky-harbor-vr-experience-bombastic-visual-treat/