• 運沙

It's a self Q&A for fun.

What is game development to you?

To me, the process of developing a game is the progress of idea realization. I don't believe in God and all sorts. However the feeling of development a game is the most I can related to when talking about God's creation of the world. From a idea to a concrete gameplay, it's fascinating. And we are the Gods who form our own worlds.

What is your favorite video game, if there is ever such a thing?

All the games I played during my childhood are the ones stick with my mind. The most played game by me have to be league but I wouldn't say that league is my favorite game since I suffer from playing it too(most of the time). We are only additive to the bad stuff, aren't we?

I had a lot of fun with games made by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us, Crash Bandicoot, etc.

What kinds of genres of games do you play?

I play all sorts of game. I do play online competitive ones(Overwatch, h1z1) but they don't give me the craziest sort of fun I have when playing good story-driven ps4 games.

How long have you been learning and working on game dev?

I started back in 2013/2014 ish, so not a long time yet I have been into it since then.

What tools do you use?

I primarily use Unity3D and all that. I know a little bit about Unreal, not much.

Can you do 3D modelling?

No, but I can model a potato.

Who is your role model in the gaming industry?

I don't really have a role model. I respect all those big names who came out of the 80s and 90s. They didn't have the dev tool set as we do today yet they still managed to pull it off.

Without them, there would be no games today.

Why are you interested in VR related game dev?

For me, VR means a kind of escape from the reality world. That's important to me and to what I believe.

The reality is a boring place and it will never be interesting unless you are running away from it. VR can introduce the delusion. Delusion is good.

“One must have one's delusions to live. If you look at life too honestly and clearly, life becomes unbearable because it's a pretty grim enterprise, you will admit.” --Woody Allen

I talk about delusion so that I can throw this good quote right here.

Is becoming a game developer a dream career for you?

No, but it's definitely better than becoming a robot.