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This Terrifying Camera-head is Supposed to Make Adult VR Content More Intimate

VR Bangers, an adult virtual reality content studio, has announced a new gadget they say will help fans “finally feel like they are getting kissed and caressed, while their favorite girls whisper right into their ears.” While it’s undoubtedly bizarre looking, the camera/microphone mannequin head aims to take the place of a traditional camera or a microphone so that the studio’s actors can act more naturally and therefore give the end user a more immersive experience. If only it didn’t have such lifeless eyes (black eyes, like a doll’s eyes).

VR Bangers CTO Boris Smirnoff says that the rig was especially made for adult VR scenes because they noticed there was “a much warmer and more intimate emotional attachment between the performer and the recording device if the device itself is able to be kissed, caressed and whispered to in the same sort of ways that a real person would sense those subtle communications.”

Source article: http://www.roadtovr.com/terrifying-camera-head-supposed-make-adult-vr-content-intimate/