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Watch: Tobii Tease Unnervingly Effective Vive Eye-Tracked VR Demo Ahead of GDC

This short but ingenious video snippet from eye-tracking specialists Tobii was built to tease a social VR demo they’ve been working on for GDC next week. It aptly highlights the subtle yet striking enhancements that eye tracking may being to social VR applications.

We wrote just today that eye-tracking used inside virtual reality headsets, used to detect the gaze of the user, could play an extremely important part in making more realistic VR scenes at higher resolutions possible through the use of foveated rendering, but eye-tracking has important implications for a more human aspect of virtual reality.

Source Article: http://www.roadtovr.com/watch-tobii-tease-unnervingly-effective-vive-eye-tracked-vr-demo-ahead-gdc/