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PSVR Dating Sim ‘Summer Lesson’ to Get English Subtitles and Broader Release in April

Summer Lesson, a rather unique offering among PSVR games, launched alongside the headset in Japan back in November. Now, come April 28th, the game will see a broader release into Southeastern Asia release with English subtitles, opening the door to enjoyment by those who don’t speak the game’s native Japanese language. Those in Western regions interested in the title may be able to download it as well.

IGN reports that during the Bandai Namco Entertainment Product Conference in Singapore this week, the company announced a new version of Summer Lesson which will come bundled with two DLCs, include English subtitles, and launch in Southeast Asian markets.

Source: http://www.roadtovr.com/psvr-dating-sim-summer-lesson-get-english-subtitles-broader-release-april/