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Surrealistic artworks created in VR

I have this fantasy about surrealism in VR since a long time ago.

surrealism to me is about dream, chaos , subconsciousness and ambiguity.

The things we can never get from reality, in which it shares this characteristic with virtual reality.

been thinking about creating surrealistic environment or scene using VR related tools.

Google Tilt Brush and Blocks are great learning platforms of VR content creation with fantastic community sharing feature so they are what i used to get started with the surrealism idea.

I started with looking for an interesting surrealistic artwork and went from there.

I chose one of Dali's artwork and primarily used Google Blocks to do 3D modeling of it.

Realizing the limitation of my VR modeling, instead of copying things exactly as they are in the artwork, I switched things off with some more contemporary subjects.

The result wasn't something I expected but I think it's a funny turnout.

I think this is a really fun experiment and I don't want to stop at here.

For now I'm planning on working to finish one artwork per month.

This month I want to focus on one of Francis Bacon's most famous pieces Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion

This time instead of doing VR modeling, I want to try VR painting using Tilt Brush to really give the final result that oil paint faded look.

so far this is what I have got. really excited to push it to the end

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