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Game Journal Week 08/26<Finished>

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Game 1: Triad by Anna Anthropy https://w.itch.io/triad


Triad is a simple puzzle solving game with the interesting spins on bedroom gymnastics.

The design might look simple plus only one level in the game, but the puzzle per se is of surprising depth.

To fit all three person in one bed, each person has a different sleep style(perk) so they all act differently when going to sleep.

The loop of gameplay is basically: design -> set up -> validate the setup -> fail -> redo

The control is very easy to remember, just left and right click to position and rotate the characters.

I got to be more familiar with different parts about the game each time I failed, so there is a progression of my understanding of the rules presented by the game. I really had to think hard to design the setup at the end as it turned out. And sometimes when I think I almost got it, the game came with a slap in the face(For example, the presence of the cat was almost forgotten by me when I was trying a set up that I thought would succeed.)

I wonder how the designers worked out such a puzzle piece to put in the game. Maybe they started with a solution and reversed engineering it.

Game 2: Consumed ( https://peanut-panda.itch.io/consumed )

Consumed is retro horror, text-driven, adventure where you make certain decisions that can affect the outcome.

The game has an almost Windows-Paint style simple art style. You read text, animations and make choices, then the outcome of your choice will be rendered in next slides of animation and texts.

The driving force for me to play and finish this game is to explore all the possible outcomes, view all the interesting animation and possibly at the end perceive the underlying story behind the scenes. The ambient music and the ambiguous images in each scene played a good role of producing a chilling experience for me.

Game 3: Chronodog Earth Defender ( https://nicmagnier.itch.io/chronodog )

The premise of this game is a 1st day astronaut dog trying to save the earth from meteor impact(but doesn't know what it is doing). Really fun little experience I had with this game. Superb and quite humorous art style blends perfectly with the lighthearted game mechanics.

Player starting off by rushing to press a singular button, which slows the meteor down for a bit. Then the camera zooms back and opens up a bigger picture of your control panel that can ultimately stop the meteor. A most appreciated game mechanics is the fact that the game progresses as the camera zooms out when player presses the right buttons/inputs the right commands. It unfolds itself elegantly through such way and it also adds a sense of exploration to the unknown elements in the game.(It also blends perfectly with the theme of being the 1st day at the job: you went for the red and most obvious button at first, then you start thinking about what comes after it little by little)

The most memorable moment in this game for me is at the end when player enters the "del_meteor" command in the console, the music suddenly stops, and you see the meteor just simply disappears in the window. It's a subtle and beautiful touch after the "intense" gameplay session.