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Game Journal Week 09/21<Finished>

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Game 1: Death Crown (https://co5monaut.itch.io/death-crown)

(I played a demo version of this game on itch.io)

A indie RTS game with unique 1 bit aesthetics.

Death Crown has a simple yet exquisite artistic style: everything in this game is made of black line and white space. The aesthetics of this game remind me of those things kids would draw on their diary/notebook.

Mechanics are very simple. Players are allowed to build three types of building units: (1)barrack, which produces troop that can destroy enemy's castle and lead you to victory

(2)mines, which produces golds that can produce gold for purchasing building units

(3)towers, which protects you from enemy's troop attack.

These building can only be built on your own territory, which you expand by constructing more buildings.

There are also locations for crystal on the map. Capturing crystal(expanding your territory to cover the locations of the crystal) will enhance the power of your troops.

Player is put into a 1v1 battle against computer AI/another player. One interesting detail about this is that you can actually see every move the AI is about to do. AI's cursor is completely visible to the player, so it is almost like there is a real player playing against you.


Game 2: Imagine Lifetimes ( https://gamejolt.com/games/imaginelifetimes/348701 )

An interestingly attractive narrative-driven "life experience"

In Imagine Lifetime, players make choices at each stage of his/her lifetime. These choices have consequences and branches the narratives into different outcomes. Start from being a baby to then becoming an adult, the choices that the game presents to you are filled with dark humor yet actually related to real life. The actions and choices made in childhood has less severe consequences than the ones in adulthood. And the game, through its narrative experience, encourages you to notice these differences and to make choices accordingly. Kinda like how real life works :)

A few highlights:

1. The female and male narrator voices, supposedly representing your mom and dad, react to each choice you make in the game. They act like almost a guidance, giving out a good indicator of if the choice you just made would have positive/negative impact on your life. A good example was after entering adulthood when player trying to commit crime to get quick cash, the narrator reminds player that this would a bad choice and have bad consequence. The tone gets worsen as player wants to get more money out of the crime(a slider to increase/decrease the amount). The voice acting itself is humorous and lighthearted.

2. There are several mini-games in Imagine Lifetime. They adds more diversity and fun into the gameplay. For example, when it comes to the stage where player can make baby with the partner, a.k.a the D.I.Y choice, player will play a sperm trying to get to the egg. Along the "journey", player has to use mouse directional control to guide the sperm. There are several multiple choice(A/B) questions along the way, and player has to guide the sperm to swim to the correct answers in order to get fertilization bar to 100%. Those questions are hilarious, and realistically dark.

Game 3: Fisherman ( https://gamejolt.com/games/fisherman/438393 )

Fisherman is short 3D puzzle game with surreal Silent Hill like imagery.

Objective is not specified in this game, but it looks like at least for this demo version players are expected to collect all the fish hooks?(hence, fisherman?)

Player plays an armless creature, and a zebra from time to time.

When player finishes a level with the armless creature, the scene is switched to the zebra. It's back and forth. There is almost a Lynchian feel to it.

There are about in total two to three puzzle pieces in the game, and they are not really difficult to solve. The atmosphere does keep me wonder: what is this armless creature? what happened to it? what is the place?

The use of fixed camera angles across the scenes definitely remind me of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Though I got a bit motion sick from it....