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Game Journal Week 09/28<Finished>

Game 1: Ducklings(https://ducklings.io/)

A beautifully crated browser-based zen experience. Player plays a duck dad trying to rescue as many ducklings as possible from the river back to duck mommy. The core game mechanic is a bit like Snake: there are many ducklings scattered on a vast river. Duck dad swims at them, and then the ducklings will follow duck dad until they get back to the nest. The challenge comes from boats and yachts cruising on the river. If duck dad collides with a boat or a yacht, he disappears(dies?) and the ducklings will stop following. The game does provide a primitive saving system: the total number of ducklings already rescued by the duck dad(sent to the nest) will not be reduced to zero if accident happens.(And this progress is seemed to also be saved by user's IP address)

The game itself is a total relaxation. Bright and innocent color palette, along with Disney cartoon like animation and cute 3D models, constitute a fascinating pastime experience.

Only mouse directional control is needed to guide duck dad's direction. It's a game pretty much person of any age can play and enjoy.

A few highlights

1. SFX and music: the ambient surrounding music on the river, the cute little "quack" sound from the ducklings, and even the sound the humans make when their boats hit the duck dad are pure joy

2. Nest upgrade: Every time duck dad brings enough ducklings back to the nest, duck mom upgrades the nest with fancier stuff: fences, better foundation, and even a little makeshift windmill. This adds another kind of incentive for player to keep playing the game.

2. Online experience: This game seems to be an online experience, in which there are multiple duck dads played by different online players swimming on the same river and working for different nests. It makes the game more interesting by adding a bit competition element. In this case, the ducklings become a kind of resources(since there are that many on the river. they respawn very slowly) that players have to fight to obtain. If a player cuts through the ducklings that are following another player, the ducklings will follow the new player instead.

Game 2: Make Sure It's Closed( https://corpsepile.itch.io/make-sure-its-closed )

A very very short retro horror experience. Players play the role of a child whose parents have left home for some event. Dad left a node to remind the child to shut the garage door down before going to sleep but also stated that there might be something wrong with the door switch. Then the child tried multiple time of shutting the door down, until a ghost like creature crawls in.

Developer did a good job on building the expectation and suspicion before letting the ghost appear itself in front of the player. It's not a jumpscare, and that's even better.