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Game Journal Week 10/05<Finished>

Game 1: Pixel Soldier( https://www.alphabetagamer.com/pixel-soldier-alpha-demo/ )

A fast paced arcade shooter with unique level design element: player controls a blob ish character moving on the inside of a square shape level. Player's movement is consisted of move and dash, both take place inside the square. Because everything happens inside the square, things can get heat up and intensified quite quickly when there are a number of enemy present. Combining these seemingly simple controls offer great depth in gameplay. Enemy/boss's attach pattern also emphasizes these elements greatly.

One highlight is that before starting each new level, player is allowed to pick one perk among several. Perks are contained in floating bubbles and in order to choose the perk, player has to dash through and break the bubble. This is a just a simple example using which the game gives a depth of meaning to a basic control.

Game 2: West of Time( https://bottle-break.itch.io/west-of-time )

In West of Time, player stages a murder scene by freezing time and displacing different objects in the scene. These objects will have different interaction with the characters in the scene and these interaction will play themselves out and affect how the murder will be taken place.

The goal is to have everyone killed in one scene.

Much of the gameplay will be progressed through trial and errors from the player. Dialogues between characters explain relation among characters.

Game 3: Cardiac( https://katanalevy.itch.io/cardiac )

This is a short demo experience for a bigger WIP game. Some interesting surreal aesthetics. Player controls a mass of flesh rolling around with its flesh tentacles. It reminds me of Saya no Uta.