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Game Journal Week 11/09 (Finished)

Game 1: Tanuki Sunset https://squidsquadgames.itch.io/tanuki-sunset

A stylish neon retro racing game. Player playing a tanuki(racoon) riding a skateboard on a sunset highway. It's a fairly simple game loop: avoid obstacle, get points, and try not to fall off the edge. There is drifting mechanics, and some simple tricks that player can do.

A super fluid and aesthetically appealing player experience. There are items that can be picked up which either contributes to earning points (like mini-missions) / or changing the background music.

This is a really great example for which simple game loop coupled with tasteful art design can create a great experience.

Game 2: Unlock Everything https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/45/unlock-everything

A 2D platformer made for LD 46, based on the theme of "Starting with Nothing".

Player literally starts with nothing: every element in the game, even the main menu and the "start game" button, is locked and requires player to go through certain procedures to unlock them. The protagonist character can't move nor hear at the beginning of the game. The levels in the game are designed as such to cope with such unique mechanics: conveyor belts are used for pushing player forward when player hasn't acquire the movement controller; Before acquiring a buster cannon, player has to avoid enemy instead of fighting them. There is a clear distinction intended by the creator between having nothing at the beginning and having everything at the end. With all the basic 2D platformer functionalities(weapon, jump, movement) acquired, player is able to defeat a boss.

A very obvious homage to the Mega Man series.

Game 3: Lost in Translation https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/45/lost-in-translation

The winner entry for LD 46. This is a beautiful and fresh concept: You crash-landed in a unknown town in which people speak a language that you have no knowledge. You pick up information/grammar piece by piece by talking to these people. It's a very clever span on the theme of LD 46.

Art design is outrageously simple yet funny. It's no doubt that the developer drew inspiration from Charlie Chaplin and the genre of silent film.

Game 4: No Player Online https://papercookies.itch.io/no-players-online

A unbelievably refreshing horror experience. Player finds a old VHS game tape. In it, it's a list of servers for a flag capture game that have no players in them.

The creepy atmosphere of wondering in a empty server is very unique. You feel like you are uncovering something that was sinister and buried deep.

It required so much attention to details in order to craft such experience. And the narrative directing is also wonderful.

Games also played but no comments:

Super Ness : playing as the Loch Ness Monster to help boat get through the lake


Red Skull Reef: tower defense game.